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we are experienced imagineers, passionate about the art and science of doing good AND doing well. From our vantage point, there are no sacred cows. (sacred? yes. cows no.)


we’re available for half-day, full-day or multi-day consultations (telecafé or on-site)


as objective outsiders, we’ll offer fresh perspective and insight into industry best practices.  through conversation that refreshes the imagination, together we will take a look at the processes which affect you the most.


perhaps you might say we blend common sense and street sense PLUS a little bit of nonsense, to help you make the world a better place.



for organizations, and those who guide them, we blend insight with imagination to create ideas for driving growth.


our services include copy writing, video scripting, concept & creative, event management, web & social media initiatives, fundraising, marketing + communications, donor development, global affairs, public relations, branding, crisis management, capital campaigns, faith based sector issues, media relations, advertising, video, film + television production, and design.


we’ll help you inspire, inform and invite people to your brand/cause.



An affordable, easy-to-use, web-based tool to help you raise money and cultivate generosity.


Are you launching a new program or appealing for a special project?  Are you targeting an important cause which requires immediate attention?


Pathways was designed for real-world, everyday challenges. It has been my working passion to help create and sustain brand worth ~ for people who are in the trenches ~ people who have given their all in the pursuit of a noble thing ~ people for whom success is the only option.


Pathways ~ it’s one small way that we at theideascafé have been helping people achieve significance.




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