let's identify. your dna.


this is what makes you unique.  your identity informs everything else you do.  it provides strategic alignment across your entire organization.  gives direction to human resource management.   guides your marketing.  establishes best practices, policies and procedures.  and it's the core of your funding proposition.  get this right, and you're positioned for success.  get this wrong?  well, let's just say don't get this wrong!

strategic collaborator and t-shirt aficionado john says your fundamental brand architecture must address the following:









having answered those fundamental questions, you are free to:

positioning statement.  "the essence of the organization is....."


core values.  "we are defined by...."


point of differentiation.  “we are the only nonprofit which….”





     know the difference between the features and the benefits of your brand


     break the rules of the category


     set the tone & sensibility

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